Don't Bring Your Blues to Mama

This was a statement made in jest by a dear friend, now passed, and is now a song that came to me after my mother passed. Audio only.

Videos and Samples

"I've Got the World on a String"

Even when I'm in the baby chicken coop.

"Diana", a song by Paul Anka

Did Diana miss out?

Mack the Knife   -  Just a snipit.

The lyrics were written by Bertold Brecht (German Playwrite) and introduced in Berlin in 1928. Most people today would think it was about the Chicago mob.

The Inside Scoop

Collin uses a Hammond Organ with synthesized capabilities to give realistic organ, piano and a multitude of orchestral and other sounds. Years ago he wouldn't have thought that could have been packaged in a keyboard under 20 pounds when he was loading a large van just to move the organ and speakers. With the cornet and vocal artistry and the capabilities of today's technologies from companies like PG Music in Canada and the use of a harmonizer to add all those back-up vocals the Invisibles come to life.  Great fun......................and you can always blame the Invisibles if something goes wrong. :>)